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We found records dating back to the turn of the last millennium.The lack of Native American records is a bit of a setback, especially since experts say that over 90 percent of the world’s population is descended from this group.This section is similar to social media dashboards you may already be familiar with.It gives you quick access to most of the tools you'll need and lists any actions you perform on your tree to let you keep track of your changes.There are many opportunities for interaction, and My Heritage is adamant about full-family participation on the website.

This tool matches members of your family tree with records in the database.

You can also jump from family member to family member on documents like census reports.

If you need access to more records to fill in gaps in your family tree, we recommend signing up for Ancestry's service because it has the largest collection of records.

To give you a closer look at the record, My Heritage offers a full-screen mode or a simple zooming and panning window below the transcribed information.

You can’t highlight the person of interest, as is possible with other genealogy searches, but the searched person's info appears in type next to the document.

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