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Low, laterally raised bony ridges were present on the dorsolateral margin of the nasal and lacrimal bones in the skull, directly above the antorbital fenestra. Later in 1887 Cope reassigned the material to a yet another genus, Tanystrophaeus.A diagnosis is a statement of the anatomical features of an organism (or group) that collectively distinguish it from all other organisms. Early in 1887 Cope referred the specimens collected to two new species, C. Two years later, Cope corrected his classification after realizing differences in the vertebrae, and named Coelophysis, with C.Despite being an early dinosaur, the evolution of the theropod body form had already advanced greatly from creatures like Herrerasaurus and Eoraptor.The torso of Coelophysis conforms to the basic theropod body shape, but the pectoral girdle displays some interesting special characteristics: C.This would make Rioarribasaurus a definite synonym of Coelophysis, specifically a junior objective synonym.In the end, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) voted to make one of the Ghost Ranch samples the actual type specimen for Coelophysis and dispose of the name Rioarribasaurus altogether (declaring it a nomen rejectum, or "rejected name"), thus resolving the confusion.In 2004 "Syntarsus" was found synonymous with Coelophysis by Tykoski and Rowe (2004). They therefore applied a different name, Rioarribasaurus, to the Ghost Ranch quarry specimens.Ezcurra and Novas (2007) and Ezcurra (2007) also concluded that "Syntarsus" was synonymous with Coelophysis, which is the current scientific consensus. Since the numerous well-preserved Ghost Ranch specimens were used as Coelophysis in most of the scientific literature, the use of Rioarribasaurus would have been very inconvenient for researchers, so a petition was given to have the type specimen of Coelophysis transferred from the poorly preserved original specimen to one of the well-preserved Ghost Ranch specimens.

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Over the years paleontologists assigned this genus to Ceratosauridae (Welles, 1984), Procompsognathidae (Parrish and Carpenter, 1986) and Ceratosauria (Gauthier, 1986). bauri could not be applied to any additional specimens.bauri had a furcula (wishbone), the earliest known example in a dinosaur.Coelophysis also preserves the ancestral condition of possessing four digits on the hand (manus).Scattered material representing similar animals has been found worldwide in some Late Triassic and Early Jurassic formations. bauri, originally given to the genus Coelurus by Edward Drinker Cope in 1887, was described by the latter in 1889.The names Longosaurus and Rioarribasaurus are synonymous with Coelophysis.

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