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It was a seemingly simple arrangement but within 20 years it had assisted hundreds of thousands of motorists.

1932 - The first RAC Rally In April 1932, a magazine headline stated that ‘FIRST EVENT OF ITS KIND A GREAT SUCCESS’, with some 367 entrants and 342 starters.

1912 - The introduction of the Sentry Box In the days before mobile communications, there were once as many as 500 boxes across the UK - as much an aspect of roadside architecture as sign posts.

The wooden edifice initially contained petrol cans and first aid kits but they were soon used as a means of contacting the patrolmen by telephone, through a network of 16 regional offices– a vital development before RAC vehicles were equipped with wireless.

Members would be issued with their own set of keys and after trudging miles in the rain after a breakdown, the blue box was a very welcome sight indeed.

1912 - The ‘Get You Home’ Service On the 1 September 1912, the RAC launched their pioneering service which covered breakdowns that occurred within a 20-mile radius of your home address.

Or it might be a traffic police officer lurking around the next corner with a stopwatch in his hand.

To celebrate Hagerty’s partnership with the RAC, we celebrate the 120-year heritage of The Royal Automobile Club.

Here are a few of the many key moments from its long history, and remember – if a patrolman does not salute, stop and ask the reason why!

1975 – The Vehicle Recovery Service In order to compete with such recent competitors as the National Breakdown Recovery Club, the RAC introduced its Vehicle Recovery Service.

A fleet of Range Rovers would transport a car, its driver and up to three passengers to either their destination or their home in the event of a breakdown or accident.

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