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And some don’t even bother to go that far – it is so common to see others act without remorse or sensitivity toward faceless users online, that there are those who have no problem being downright abusive to people they have never met, comfortable in a virtual culture that provides no retribution for their actions. When Anita Sarkesian created a Kickstarter to take a look at female tropes in video games for her series Feminist Frequency, many were enthused… She was subjected to an onslaught of hate speech from several channels on the internet, her profile on Wikipedia altered with pornographic images.

And then one man chose to create a game that allowed people to “punch” her until her picture appeared bloodied and bruised.

So perhaps this “invasion of privacy” uproar is moot.

They create avatars and fake names and sometimes even fake opinions.And that supposed anonymity emboldens them to do and say things that they would never express in polite company, to harass others and promote content of a violent or horrific nature.It isn’t that every pseudonym on the internet is harboring a troll, but it is the perfect place for a troll to hide.He was able to meet with this teenaged boy and, by talking with him and his parents, led him to understand the effect his abuse had, and (hopefully) helped him.That boy has the chance to make changes in his life before he goes too far down an incredibly destructive road.

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