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(an original movie that premieres Friday on Netflix and in theaters in 10 cities, including Los Angeles and Yonkers, N. Manganiello (playing a version of himself) is a motorcycle-riding rebel beefcake who clicks instantly with the bow-tie-clad Pee-wee (Paul Reubens), who has never left his small town.hunk Manganiello are BFFs offscreen as well.“Life is like that — you never really know who is going to be your friend,” says Reubens, 63. Joe’s my friend, and I’m just crazy about him.” long before he had even finished the script.Under stressful conditions, however, the inhibitory signals from the frontal lobe can themselves be overridden by the limbic system, a combination of brain areas that controls the famous “fight or flight” response.When we become stressed or anxious, electrical signals from the limbic system become so intense that the brainstem has trouble following the frontal lobe’s commands. It doesn’t matter how much you follow it down with shampoo. It’s about trust, the act of doing something behind their back is what this is really about. If you lie about peeing in the shower and they know you’re lying or suspect it, chances are you are lying about other things. Sufferers find it nearly impossible to urinate in the presence of others.The neurological basis for the disorder is very poorly understood, but it seems to be the neurological opposite of what happened to the target of NASA sting.

There’s a related condition known as paruresis, or shy bladder.That’s why many people urinate more frequently before important exams or in the starting corral of a marathon.In life-threatening situations, the limbic system’s orders become so urgent that you can’t even make it to the bathroom. The larger evolutionary question—of why incontinence might be advantageous in a survival situation—has no satisfying answer. Peeing in the shower isn’t about peeing in the shower.NASA agents burst into a Denny’s in Southern California five months ago to arrest a 74-year-old grandmother who was trying to sell a moon rock to raise money for her son’s medical expenses, according to a recent AP report. Bladder control requires a sophisticated interplay of brain regions.

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