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And also i like it,because i have made a few friends with people off here from other countrys..

Here at Widows Dating Online we do, that’s why we’ve created our dating website just for widows and widowers.

Lonely and unsociable are the description given to those who choose to meet singles online.But wait and think about this what type of society are we living in ?we are living in one of the most closed society mankind has ever seen and i will Illustrate why. The Mode of communications has been taken from Physical contact to electronic contact. The other side of this is because of our different off schedule we are bound not to meet people off line.W e are so dependent on technology that the average person has a computer, satellite, cable landline cell phone. The more gadgets are made, the more we are electronically connected to each other. Physical contact satisfies our needs to be human without that we are robots. We cannot go to the bars or pubs or beaches on Saturdays and when we are off and head of to the beach there is no one.So in one sense we are all desperate not by choice but by necessity. So there is one and only one solutions thanks to the internet, meeting Online.

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