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I have seen the company grow from a few techs on the street to a full IT consulting and Managed Service Provider who is leading the industry in the Central PA area. Open door policy is used only to gather information that will later be used against you.It's exciting to see the changes we have been going through in recent years and the growth as well. Giving back to the community was strictly for marketing purposes.Management does not dedicate proper resources to customer service and over-sells on the companies ability to deliver on the initial promises made to the customer.As an employee, it will then be your job to calm down the irate customer when management doesn't have time to "deal" with the customers legitimate complaints and concerns.The recent changes in management and training have been very exciting. Cons Legitimately they have not always hired the right people for the right positions. I have seen bad decisions made, opportunities wasted, micromanaging, and lazy technicians who thought they were God's gift seed decent and provide poor service. Those people were let go, or left, and now we can all move forward. Keep trusting your employees who step up and are willing to do the work. One of the biggest cons was lack of best practice on the technical side of things.The changes I have seen in the culture and management style over the last 13 years (and specifically over the last year) are like night and day and even though there have been stressful times, it's never been "bad". Band aid fixes always applied and common core fundamentals most certainly ignored when presented (due to management). The future seems bright when first hired on, then the lights start to slowly go out. Direction changed monthly and the company seem to not be able to grasp that you need technicians to support the service you sell.Imagine if understanding a foreign language you have never learned was as easy as just listening.Australian startup Lingmo International has leveraged IBM Watson technology for its Translate One2One, an earpiece that can translate languages in near real-time.

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They preach growth and change to other businesses, but they live it too.Using IBM Watson’s Natural Language Processor and Language Translation APIs and Lingmo’s machine learning applications, the earpiece-equipped device can translate across English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Chinese.The earpiece has a microphone built-in which picks up spoken words, allowing the earpiece to translate speech in seconds.Investment into employee training and professional development. Employees with varied background and experience levels to learn from.Cons Rapid focus on growth can mean growing pains - company went through a round of operational changes including an improved hiring process but the effects can be long-lasting when a hire doesn't fit. Great internal teams and supportive management team. Cons People that have left the company because they did not fit the mission and vision and providing negative and incorrect information about about there experience.

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