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Finally, for effective control and prevention of brucellosis around the world, the direct diagnostic methods are advised in order to develop vaccine against the circulating Brucella strain in the specific country.Allergic skin test; Brucellosis; Immunohistochemistry; Molecular tool; Serological tests Brucellosis is an ancient disease that can possibly be traced back to the 5th plague of Egypt around 1600 BC.After the lie is disclosed, their relationship begins to ... See full summary » A loose adaption of Bára Nesvadbová's novel of the same name.

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Furthermore, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based assays have shown a higher sensitivity with respect to the standard microbiological assay for the diagnosis of brucellosis [18].Recent examination of the ancient Egyptian bones, dating to around 750 BC, showed evidence of sacroilitis and other osteoarticular lesions, common complications of brucellosis [1]. The discovery that healthy goats could be carriers of the disease has been termed one of the greatest advances ever made in the study of epidemiology [2,3].Brucellosis is caused by Gram-negative coccobacilli of the genus [4,5].Bacteriological diagnosis, immunohistochemistry (an alternative technique for direct diagnosis) and different molecular methods for Brucella species genotyping are among the direct methods for diagnosis of brucellosis discussed in this review.The well-established indirect methods for diagnosis of brucellosis, serological and brucellin allergic skin tests were also critically conferred.

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