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However, there are a lot of important things you need to know before making your move.

London is one of the world's best cities and a truly unique place to live.

Most people I meet are more interested in complaining about the weather, talking about where they live, moaning about housing prices, or any of the million-and-one other things that people talk and complain about here that have nothing to do with immigration.

Basically, if you come to London from abroad to work, expect: to be asked about your home country a lot, to be teased occasionally about your vocabulary/pronunciation of certain words, to meet tons of amazing people, to have loads of amazing experiences, and to pay more for accommodation than you ever thought possible.

This might have something to do with the fact that over 1/3rd of Londoners were born outside the UK.

If you think you need a visa, please read the following section.

Otherwise, skip to one of the other sections: Where to Live, How to Find a Place to Live, How to Find Work, How to Set Up a Bank Account, Transportation in London, Living in London FAQs.

This can be seen in the growing popularity of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and fringe groups such as the English Defence League (EDL) and British National Party (BNP).

Even the ruling Conservative Party has pledged Thus, coming to work in the UK is likely to become even more difficult in the years to come.

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