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The Jubillee is channel switching and has reverb, which is cool, but I understand you can't set it to have both good clean and drive tone (pick one or the other) and it does have a "everything I play sounds like Slash" character.

Of course, if you've got the cash, the PTP wired Marshalls pre-73 are the most durable and best collectors ones-just use pedals to get the gain you need for hard rock...

If you crank the clean channel volume you get a fantastic crunchy blues tone.

Any good overdrive pedal sends this into beautiful singing sustain. It gives everthing Marshalls are reknowned for, sweet harmonic distortion, great bass and a very sensitive attack response. Even the reverb is sweet, especially if you select your phase inverter tube carefully.

Serial Numbers 3413,in angled/straight closed-back cabinets with dark green tolex covering, large white script logo, basket weave grille cloth, metal handles, large white Marshall logo, 1960A with three Celestion G12M 25W speakers, 1960B with four Celestion G12M 25 W speakers, both with DEREK AND THE DOMINOS stencil to top (2) This auction is now finished.

ALL BIDDERS MUST AGREE THAT THEY HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD BONHAMS' CONDITIONS OF SALE AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THEM, AND AGREE TO PAY THE BUYER'S PREMIUM AND ANY OTHER CHARGES MENTIONED IN THE NOTICE TO BIDDERS. If you have any complaints or questions about the Conditions of Sale, please contact your nearest customer services team.Probably just confusing the jubilee with the 2205/2210 channel switching model which did have reverb.Incidently, anyone who wants the Slash-type 'jubilee' sound without the price, get a later model (86 or later) 2205/2210.I have the 2554, the 1 x 12 Jubilee, and it's great for the rec room, the superleads stay in the back bedroom with the foam in the windows. But as TK points out they are very loud and the average room I play in I cannot get up loud enough to make them sweet.(I am often playing in 60 seat beer joints) I don't have that problem with the's good at moderate volumes but doesn't have that Icepickey fizzy preamp gain that Marshalls like the dsl's have at low volumes.

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