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A throat is slashed and “it seemed like all he had in him had exited the body through that cut.” Hardcastle’s descriptions are free of gusto and provide just enough detail for them to act like a chokehold on the reader.

The author is clearly knowledgeable in the area of mixed martial arts.

111: I’m proud of at least the title of this talk, and the epigraph.

If the rest of it falls at, I may revisit each, encouraging you to imagine that there was, early on, some weak hope or unlikely promise of revelation, insight, affirmation, encouragement.

Some of the best scenes feature Daniel’s elderly neighbors, Murray and Ella.

Their kindness and moral expectations serve as prescient warnings to Daniel in a place where poor choices are paid for dearly.

Hardcastle, winner of the Trillium Book Award and Re Lit Award for Short Fiction, has created a novel where crime fiction and the literary tradition occupy the same space.

You can see him in conversation with other ZYZZYVA contributors tomorrow at East Bay Booksellers. Without pausing I say the name of his most loved stuffed animal, and this goes on for many minutes, many miles, and later, I am listening to something else and have forgotten the game, the trees, the houses.

The bikers blur by like sentences we have jettisoned, which is why he is confused when I answer to his question of what the string of letters and numbers he has placed together might signify, for he believes that every possible combination of letters makes a word, and I begin to think how lovely that would be if the nearly in nite number of alphabetical arrangements had a corresponding word, like iffor “the distance between Cork and Limerick by wagon,” a different word for a different day of his life, a word for every time I lose him at a park or in the store, a word for the uneaten grape on his plate, for the green monster in his dream, the word for what it feels like when you are four and do not know the word for what you have lost.

Indeed, that’s one of two options for the writer, and it’s pretty much my big and perhaps only observation and advice this morning.

So, if you’d rather get up now for more coffee, care instead to stroll this indeed gorgeous, rugged alpine site for about seventeen more minutes, if you generally prefer trailers to the movie or, better yet, if you are off to organize a powerful grassroots direct-action campaign to take down a criminal political regime, here’s the takeaway: As writers we can either produce a startling reiteration of a terrific story we’ve read before and somehow improve on it, we can respond to, answer, undermine, and challenge other writers’ true and recognizable methods and strategies, and as a result produce strange, difficult, new ones.

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