Dating with a purpose

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The only tricky part in all of this is figuring out who that someone is.

In sports or any hobby; I’ve come to upon a rule of thumb: If you only give half your effort in your practice then you’re more than likely only going to give half when it needs to count.

For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? When you do decide to date, dating with intentionality involves not wasting your time with pointless relationships.

I want to pose this question to you: if the most important thing in your life is your relationship with Christ, then should that not also be the most important thing in their life?

This means that we are to treat ALL women with respect by serving them, prove to them that chivalry is dead. Pay attention to her, compliment and encourage her every opportunity that you get.

Ladies, you are called to be the supporter, the encourager and to respect your spouse.

Moreover, if you practice bad habits then you will play with bad habits.

The same concept applies to relationships, if you go through a cycle of dating and dumping every time you find something wrong with that person or you have unhealthy tendencies, such as abuse, then everything that you practice in dating will carry over to marriage.

Be wise in who you date, and only pursue a relationship with someone worth it.

I also notice that the “grieving” period between breakup and rebound seems to be pretty short.

I joked with one high school guy if he’d even waited long enough for the phone to click before he asked out the next girl. I see the Instagram selfies of the couple kissing, hugging, or looking all sweet and gushy with the “______ & ______ 4-ever” caption, only to scroll through the timeline a couple weeks later and see the same pose with a different guy.

If both sides of a relationship have their hearts, minds, and souls fixed on Christ and are constantly trying to better themselves in character, mind and body then the future relationship will that much more fruitful.

A relationship with a strong, firm foundation in God will stand tall above others.

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