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We introduced the first AA routes around 1912 with handwritten details, and by 1929 we were issuing 239,000 routes a year.

From 1912 we started inspecting and classifying hotels.

The AA took no more active part in motor insurance until 1967.

To cater for the increased popularity of touring by car, the AA appointed agents and repairers throughout the UK.

Motor cars were initially classed as 'locomotives' (under the Locomotives on Highways Acts 1865) and their speed was limited to 4 miles an hour.

They had to be preceded by a footman carrying a red flag.

As motoring became more popular, so did we – the 100 AA members in 1905 grew to 83,000 by 1914. The first AA patrols had no uniforms and only basic pedal cycles.

The first hotels were listed in the handbook from 1909.

Just a week later, on 26 June, the MMA committee voted to change its name to The Automobile Association (AA).

They held their first General Meeting as the AA at the Trocadero on 29 June.

The Motor Car Act of 1903 stipulated a speed limit of twenty miles an hour.

Early enforcement The police forces of the day enforced the new speed limit with such vigour and enthusiasm that it was tantamount to persecution.

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