Advices on dating older woman

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My skinny ex wife was so easy to have sex with and I could give her multiple orgasms almost every time.

She was so small any and every possible position worked for us and I had to take it easy and not go too deep into her in some positions.

Sex was never fullfilling for me, I had an affair for a while with my assistant and although my partner never knew I couldn't keep this up because of the guilt so I have resided my self to a relationship that is less than physical, we still have sex, but not as much as she would like, but it has really become like mowing the lawns or cleaning the gutters...

a chore not a pleasure so unless your well hung this is potentially an issue for you and you will need to make sure your relationship is more than physical as you will probably not find the sex all that fulfilling. I am 49 years old , (5'6",160lbs with 6" penis) I was married to a very skinny woman (5'4" 96lbs tiny breasts , hips and butt), after our breakup I was dating much younger "Amazon" woman (5'9" 250lbs and very muscular) and I now have a "chubby" girlfriend (5'2" a70lbs 38dd breasts , belly roll and thick butt) and sex is A LOT different with women of different body types!

We had sex in several positions regularly and we both orgasms every time and enjoyed each other very much.

Now I am with a lady I love but she is chubbier that I would like. Her large breasts and butt are a real turn on for me and even her belly roll feels good to touch but her vagina is looser that I wish. baby c section, 3 babies naturally and a big husband with a large penis.

another girl on top position would be for her to face you lean down this would be a great time to kiss and you lift your pelvis and thrust with her.

I hope that I have helped you with these tips and that both of you will enjoy.

I have been with my partner over ten years and she is very large, but we really click and are so well matched.

I am not that well endowered (just under 6") and for me sex has never been that satisfying, to the point where when we first met I was carrying extra weight myself, not a huge amount, but I decided to loose it anyway as I had read that in guys extra abdo fat can reduce the length of the penis, I did this and it really didn't change a thing, the only position for deep penetration is rear entry which gets a bit boring after a while, other positions can really make her hip and lower back hurt and because of my inadequacies positions like her on top, because of her thighs and butt I keep slipping out.

in missionary there are alot you can do as well as her. I find the missionary position perfect for big girls. You have to raise her hips though or use the pillows to reach her g spot.

i like to lift my butt up and grind with his rhythm i know this feels great for me i can feel it hit every wall. Some circular motion while ur in her will get her nuts.

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